The Little Walnut

I was at the top of the world. I was hanging big in my domain, at the top of the highest tree. I wasn’t worried about pesky squirrels or other furry creatures getting to me. I was snuggled comfortably in my outer shell, a blanket of warmth and protection. But my blanket began to crack.... Continue Reading →

Killing a Legacy

Don't miss what you were created for. It grew strong and lasted through many years. It was fruitful and grew to be proud among its peers. It was an evergreen, a pine to be precise. It's needles lasted in harsh summer and the coldest winters. Where the Tye River meets the James. Unique in its... Continue Reading →

Messed Up People

Sunday's message was summed up in this quote ... God uses messed up people, because that is all He has got to work with! Here are the notes from the handout, with blanks filled in ... A look at how our extraordinary God works through ordinary people. Life Lessons from the Big Three (Abraham, Isaac... Continue Reading →

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