A picture is worth a thousand words

So yesterday I wrote on spending time with people. And I did … over turkey and fixin’s and desserts … go ahead and loosen the belt people. I’m not the only one.

And today, besides exercising to shed those calories I took in, I will be spending time with a very important person in my life … my mother. One of the benefits of returning to Virginia is being closer to her. Her health is fair, but her short term memory is not what it used to be. I am so grateful that my eldest bro, Andy, and his fam have moved closer as well. And I know my sis, Kristi, calls regularly.

But it is important to remember that time with our parents is not guaranteed. My father went home about a score of years ago. A close friend lost his father this week. Others I know have parents barely aware of their presence.

Holidays are hard. Loss is real. And Thanksgiving is tough when dealing with issues like these. I have been looking into the sacrifice of Thanksgiving. This was more of a peace offering than a separate offering. But their is a unique twist. Part of the sacrifice was unleavened bread and part is leavened bread. (Lev. 7). Leaven is normally associated with impurity. Thought the text doesn’t say why, and God doesn’t have to explain Himself … for when He says “My house, My rules”, we better get that through our head.

Back to point. He doesn’t tell us why, but it gets me to think we are to be thankful when things go right (unleavened) and when things go not so right (leavened). This is not just my thoughts. Paul said it too. Give thanks in everything. I’ve learned to be content in length and in leanness.

We focus on our attitude … be grateful. It will help keep our eyes on Him and not on our circumstances.

So this holiday season, if you can – spend some time with your family, call your mom and dad, hug your kids (yes, I said hug), and show some family love. But also know, if you can’t do that anymore, be grateful we have a God who never leaves, who always comforts, who constantly gives grace, and for those who call on Him, has brought us into a family that will last for eternity.

End note … Tomorrow, I will be wearing the shirt seen in the picture above. Just saying.





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