Rebel No More … My Tree is Legit

For several years now, I have been a rebel. In most apartments in the Big D, real Christmas trees are not allowed. Fire code or something like that. Last year, I did a tree 🌲 out of crates … very Martha Stewart of me. But for a couple of years, it was a small “real” tree. Yep – I was a rebel. When in Chesterfield, my tree was the tree in the fellowship hall. Kind of a ‘pastor’s tree’. But nothing in the red brick house across the street.

But now … big picture window – 7 foot fir – white frosted lights – and of course, Peanuts characters scattered from limb to limb.

I’ve included some pics of the ornaments.

Lisa and I picked a live tree from Wilson Tree Farm … right here in Evergreen. Pretty cool, even if I did get stuck in the mud getting it. That’s why I got a 4 wheel drive. Got it home, put in a stand, water, and off we went to put the decor up. Thanks to the College & Career class for helping. And thanks to Lisa who helped this weekend since she was here.

I know, I know. I’m not the only, or even the first to get the tree up. But I am excited I am doing it. And even though I am the only one in the house to enjoy the ambiance, I do enjoy it. Christmas is such a time to be a kid. Not that I need an excuse.

This is one of the few non-Peanuts. Lisa needs her Speedy.

I don’t know your traditions, what gets you in the jolly mood, or what makes you fa-la-la. But if you can just focus on the joy, the love, the hope, and the peace Christ brings … then go ahead and ring those Christmas bells.

Don’t wait too long. Don’t get trapped by materialism and commercialism. And don’t get all Grinch on me.

For me, Christmas is here





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