Silly Mistakes & One Big One

Undesired consequences. After my weather related, not truly wanted, yet it happened collision on Dallas North Tollway months ago … The wonderful State Police of Texas decided to give me a little slip of paper with his name and an address on it. It was not out of his concern or willingness to fellowship at a later date. It was so I could go before an even more intimidating state official – the judge. So after many delays, relocations, phone calls, a cashier check (to them, not to me), more phone calls, and more … I have now completed an online defensive driving course offered by those that call themselves ‘the comedy guys’. 6 hours, multiple videos, waiting for countdowns to end so I can go to the next page (curse of being a quick reader) … I finished the ten lessons, took my online final, and walaah, I am certified. Now to get the certificate, mail it to Richardson, and put an end to this wonderful stage of life.

It is a reminder that we all make mistakes. And with mistakes there are consequences. And since this is Christmas, I will mention a few to avoid.

– Don’t regift something to the person who gave it to you (yep, happened to me several times).

– Don’t forget whose gift is in which box … my mother once put secret codes on the kids gifts, then lost the list of which was whose. Fun Christmas morning, but kind of weird.

– Don’t wait till the last minute … unless gifts from the gas station or 7-11 were what you wanted to buy.

– Don’t get a VT fan a UVA shirt, or the reverse. In this neck of the woods, this is worse than mixing Democrat and Republican labels.

– Don’t get silly gifts for your spouse when they are expecting something nice. A wall mounted singing Bass may sound great, but let’s go with hiking gear instead.

– Don’t forget to give Christ the honor He deserves … after all, this is about Him, not us.

Just a few suggestions, I am sure you have your own. So for now, I will wait on my certificate and praise God in everything.

Merry Christmas






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