My List to Santa: a Chick-fil-A, a root canal, and some trail time

So, as Lisa and I are over a thousand miles apart, and as we ponder what to get each other for Christmas … I start to write out my email to Santa. Three things made my list. More did too, but let’s stick with three for now.

Lisa will have hers before Christmas. She had to get a new crown, and when she was here at Thanksgiving, the pain was enough for her to take her meds – the good stuff. So, upon return to Dallas, she scheduled a root canal on the same tooth. That has happened and the crown will be made permanent next week. Merry Christmas babe, spent enough on that for Christmas and your January birthday. And maybe even the April anniversary.

Last week, at the Evergreen community tree lighting, Peg Leg told Santa he wants a Chick-fil-A for Appomattox. Can I get an amen? A Panera would be close second, but Granny Bee’s is doing fine.

Now me. I don’t need anything but I do want something. I would love some more trail time. There are mountains to scale, waterfalls to see, rocks to scramble, and pics to make and post on IG. So I have to be intentional about this.

Gifts. They are good and bad. Lisa and I try to be thoughtful, specific, and unique. We normally go local in origin … we also try to be practical and not be trite. So that makes it difficult at times.

Now with Calvin … I could tell you what we got him. He doesn’t read this so he wouldn’t know … but that wonderful young woman that is keeping him in Dallas when we all are moving north does read this occasionally. So, let’s just say he will like it. Not as much as he likes her, but he will like it.

Presents. Sometimes we think that is the highlight of the season. But it’s not. It’s not about presents but about presence. The Word became flesh and dwelt/tabernacles/lived among us. The very presence of God was in human form. Now that is exciting. Immanuel – God with us. And He still is. Maybe not in flesh, but the Spirit of God is before us, behind us, and embracing every side.

Lisa’s presence will be my gift to me this year, but God’s presence is for all of us.

Let’s all be grateful for that.

Again, can I get an amen?

Post script … I will be getting Lisa something more. As much as she doth protest, she is always worth more gifts of love.

Update … I should say what we are getting that woman who is taking Calvin from his mother – but she’s getting Calvin. ‘Nuff said.





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