Funky Christmas Trivia …

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I came across an article that listed some unusual, if not ‘get that idiocy out of my head’, trivia about this wonderful time of year. So, for a respite from Hallmark Christmas moments, cute cat videos in elf costumes, and comments on Mike Pence’s stoic ‘elf on a shelf’ routine in the meeting yesterday in Washington, I will share a few from the article and other sources …

  • A goat farmer found that his goats produced more milk when listening to All I Want for Christmas is You. Way to go Mariah. While true that music in general helps produce more milk, I think Mariah deserves some credit here.
  • Ralph from A Christmas Story was an executive producer for Iron Man – he also had a cameo. Was it fighting the bad guy with a BB Gun? Also, speaking of the Marvel World, Santa once was a bad guy (in the comics) when he used the Infinity Gauntlet to deliver toys. that tool corrupted him, so he stopped using it. Whew … for I still want my toy this Christmas.
  • Artificial Christmas trees were invented by a toilet brush company. This is why I stay with live trees.
  • In Ireland, they don’t leave out milk and cookies – they leave a pint of Guinness. Don’t drink and fly reindeer people.
  • Jungle Bells was originally for a Thanksgiving service.
  • Elephants are fed Christmas trees. It’s healthy and good for cleaning teeth. So recycle and give to the local elephant. Is there one near Appomattox?
  • In Peru, Christmas Day is often used as Fight Club to settle disputes.  And you thought your family dinner was tough.
  • Hasbro used to have a hotline during the holidays to settle any game-based arguments. Read the rules people. The number 1 reason to argue – making up your own rules. Well, I do love Calvin-Ball.
  • The oldest known fruit cake still in existence was made1878 – yowza!
  • In parts of Europe, it’s a tradition to keep a live Carp in your tube for Christmas Eve meal. What if you only have a shower?
  • Reindeer can’t walk and urinate at the same time – hey, I’m just repeating what I find. Let’s hope they don’t do it when they fly either. Eew!
  • Last One – okay, this is about New Years, but it sounds fun. In Thailand, people head to the Buddhist Temple to bathe statues for good luck, but all along the way – it’s a part atmosphere where water fights go on for cup to three days. Balloons, Water Guns, and whatever. Better have lots of towels.

May your Christmas be Joyful.






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