It’s a Wonderful Life … some life lessons from Bedford Falls

This past week, Mike Floyd shared some timeless and biblical truths from the pulpit. He pulled some clips from a classic movie to demonstrate these truths to help us remember and apply these life lessons. So, enjoy these ponderings as you think about George Bailey’s life …

⁃ If you’re going to help someone, then you need to get to know them … Mark 2.13-17

⁃ Our plans don’t always match God’s plans …. Proverbs 27.1, James 4.13-17

⁃ Putting others before ourselves leads to a more fulfilling life and is honoring to the Lord … Phil 2.3-4, Rom 12.10, 1 John 4.7-8, Matt 6.33

⁃ Having faith and a community matters … Matt 21.22, Hebrews 11.6, Luke 1.37, Proverbs 3.5-6 —— Gal 6.2, 1 Cir 12.25-27, Rom 12.9-21

⁃ God’s greatest gift is life … Genesis 1.27, Matt 16.25, John 10.10

If you’ve seen this classic, these points may make you think of various scenes from the work. If not, I encourage you to watch and enjoy.

Think about some movies you like. What life lessons are there from them? Seeing everything from a Biblical world is exciting as we apply eternal truths to art, entertainment, relationships, work, everything. May 2019 challenge us to how we see the world around us.

Happy New Year



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2 responses to “It’s a Wonderful Life … some life lessons from Bedford Falls”

  1. Eric Avatar

    It’s a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite Christmas movies. It reminds me to be faithful in the little, everyday aspects of life, and even though we don’t know how all those small acts of faithfulness will eventually work together in the long run, God does. He’s planned it, and it’s a good, good plan–for us and for those around us.


    1. Todd K Estes Avatar

      Thanks for the comments and follow up


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