Die Hard … is … Home Alone, for Adults

My son called yesterday. Something he normally does on his drive home when he is bored and has no one else to call. We call this action ‘pulling a Tuck.’ An inside joke. So he called me and said he was headed home where his newlywed wife had gotten home and made some chili. So… Continue reading Die Hard … is … Home Alone, for Adults

Doing It ‘The Chicago Way’

The line is classic, iconic even. You may even have made it your life's mantra. And since it was recited by Sean Connery, there is an aura of power behind it. Make sure you read it with that Scottish accent ... "Wanna get Capone? Here's how you get him. He pulls a knife, you pull a… Continue reading Doing It ‘The Chicago Way’

Joker … Inciting Violence?

The movie has already received rave reviews ... even creating some Oscar buzz. It digs into the background of the prince of villains. It explores the mind of a character played by some of Hollywood's elite. But it has already come with a warning ... this movie may inspire violence in a society already plagued… Continue reading Joker … Inciting Violence?

It’s a Wonderful Life … some life lessons from Bedford Falls

This past week, Mike Floyd shared some timeless and biblical truths from the pulpit. He pulled some clips from a classic movie to demonstrate these truths to help us remember and apply these life lessons. So, enjoy these ponderings as you think about George Bailey’s life ... ⁃ If you’re going to help someone, then… Continue reading It’s a Wonderful Life … some life lessons from Bedford Falls