Die Hard … is … Home Alone, for Adults

My son called yesterday. Something he normally does on his drive home when he is bored and has no one else to call. We call this action ‘pulling a Tuck.’ An inside joke. So he called me and said he was headed home where his newlywed wife had gotten home and made some chili. So an evening relaxing with warm food and a Christmas movie. And that’s when the argument started.

He recommended Die Hard. Which she said was not a Christmas movie. This should’ve been discussed before they exchanged vows. Great writers from reputable magazines such as Cracked and Mad Magazine have dealt with this.

Let’s put this argument to rest. Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Maybe in the top ten of all time. For the naysayers, I say you need to be impeached. Let me call my witnesses, specifically my fact witnesses (aren’t all witnesses to be fact witnesses, otherwise wouldn’t they be falsehood witnesses? Let’s move on). Let me call my witnesses … only one. I call Home Alone.

No one would argue that Home Alone isn’t a Christmas movie. And the connection between the two undisputedly prove that both are Christmas movies.

  • Both have quick witted main characters, and they both are from Irish families.
  • Both have family issues
  • The villains show up on Christmas Eve
  • They both have 911 operators that just don’t get it
  • Both like classic movies
  • They both fight guerrilla warfare against the bad guys
  • They both get help from friendships made in the movie
  • They both have sequels that take them back to NYC
  • Both have Christmas music playing during the movie

Now I will pound my gavel and cut off your input.

In the end, I think this fun exercise is just a way to put a smile on our face and enjoy differences in people’s point of view. In the end, it really doesn’t matter. But what I hope does happen is my son and new daughter-in-law have a first Christmas together that is joyous, memory making, and only gets better every year.

Merry yippee-ki-yay Christmas





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