What We Have Here is Failure to Communicate

It’s the classic line from Cool Hand Luke. It is used by Captain to Luke, and is followed by, “Some men you just can’t reach.” The line is used a few times in the movie, even by Luke himself later in the flick. It’s a great line, I’ve even used it on my son occasionally … never on my wife, for I would have to acknowledge the problem is me, never her.

But it is also a sad line. Why can’t we reach some people? What would it take to get across a message that is important?

Sometimes people need to experience a lesson first hand before they ‘get it’ … thus Luke is put in the box.

Sometimes people need to be humbled before they ‘get it” …. think about Chuck Coleen who was convicted in Watergate but found the Lord in prison.

Sometimes people need to be shown a truth … how will people know you really care about them until they see it with your actions.

Sometimes we don’t realize we are talking a different language, so the other person won’t ‘get it’ … think bout the concept of the five love languages. You might be telling her you love her, but her language is time. You’re ‘saying’ it but she’s not ‘hearing’ it.

Sometimes we need to change the way we communicate before others will ‘get it’ … Paul said he becomes all things to all people so that some might be saved. Churches can’t keep doing things the same old way and expect new results. We can change the method without compromising the message.

So here is the challenge … if you’re not getting through to someone, if there is failure to communicate, maybe it’s you and not them. Consider options to getting the message across. Don’t give up.

This ends today’s little lesson from music and movies applied to real life. Enjoy your day. – Todd

AFI ranks this quote at #11 of all time movie quotes.





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