Tag, You’re It … Not Any More

They were ensuring the physical, emotional safety of students. They wanted to make sure kids kept their hands to themselves. So, they said they were going to ban the game of tag at recess.

This is a few years ago, and I know the school system looking at this got its 15 minutes of notoriety. And in this #MeToo world, I am glad we are looking after our kids’ safety and trying to dissuade unwanted hand contact. But it’s tag.

Can we take our protective nature a bit too far? I read this week that some schools prohibit giving out, at school, invites to private birthday parties. It was too hard on kids who were not being invited. Can you say bubble wrapped? What happens when kids get older and they don’t get invites or welcomes to everything that others do? I’m not talking elitist nature here. I wasn’t part of the cool kids table. But where’s the balance? Is it about fairness or adults not letting go of baggage from their childhood.

From a Biblical perspective, there are plenty of times some people get what we might call a raw deal. The 11 brothers that had to always have Joseph get everything. Jonathan not getting the throne that would go to David. Paul not originally welcomed by the Apostles. John Mark refused by Paul on 2d missionary journey. And who can forget Joseph (aka Barsabbas, aka Justus) who lost out to Matthias as the new number 12 of the Apostles … by drawing lots. Why not 13? Did they consider Joseph/Barsabbas/Justus’s feelings?

Sometimes life isn’t fair. Sometimes we do get left out. So, how do I propose we respond – what lesson do we teach our kids? Show grace. Grace is all through Scripture, it is the subject of numerous hymns, and it is called “amazing” for a reason. We show grace because we have been shown grace. It is “the scandalous, active, undeserved favor of God” and we should extend it and teach it.

So, how do I propose we respond – what lesson do we teach our kids? Show grace.


  • Showing Grace is the right thing to do
  • Giving Grace teaches a lesson (to the ones given the grace and to the ones observing)
  • Living a life of Grace is living a life of humility, and it is a life that focuses on relationships and humility

Need a better example than already mentioned …. look to the cross. You’ll find no better place to see God’s Grace.

Be blessed … tag, you’re it, so go show some grace.

Article on Tag … Article on Invitations … picture from here





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