Whiners Or Winners?

Please note, the use of this art was given online, but it in no way endorses anyone to give me hugs. I only used the art for I liked it in its great fit for this blog entry.

Can I grumble a minute? About people who grumble? Seems a bit ironic, or counterproductive, doesn’t it?

So let me twist it to be something productive and less whiny sounding. I encourage us to be people who are more problem solvers and helpers. We need to realize that we are winners, ones who have overcome because of what Jesus has done in and through us. We have what the world is searching for: peace, purpose, and hope. Celebrate in this.

We have what the world is searching for: peace, purpose, and hope. Celebrate in this.

So here are few things to consider as we strive to be people that are winners, not whiners …

  • Remember God is in control, so let Him stay in control (not that you can really do anything about that)
  • Think of others as more significant than yourself (significant = priority, worth more, heavier vote influence)
  • Realize it’s okay to feel anger, disappointment, longing, confusion, depression, etc. … but give that to God, don’t take it out on others. See here for a great article.
  • Intentionally look for good, look for ways God is working (even in messiness), and share the positive. Example … instead of “Manna, again!” – say, “Isn’t it great that God is faithful, He hasn’t missed a day yet in providing for our needs.”
  • Intentionally look for ways to compliment and encourage. You may see 15 things wrong with a blog (others, not mine of course … okay, maybe mine.). But you may also find 1 thing about the blog you like. So be specific and intentional to share the positive with the blogger. Seriously, share the positive … tell me … comment … let me know the one. (Just kidding, I don’t need the positive reinforcement … or do I?)
  • Ask someone to hold you accountable. Tell a friend to be honest with you about the way you come across. Tell them to point out when we talk more like whiners than winners.
  • And lastly, stay close in your love relationship with God. When we focus on the one main thing, other things seem to fade away.

I close with a comment from one who had the right to complain, if anyone ever did. Helen Keller, born blind and deaf, wrote, “I have always thought it would be a blessing if each person could be blind and deaf for a few days during his early adult life. Darkness would make him appreciate sight; silence would teach him the joys of sound.”

So, whiner? Or winner? Me … I choose the positive.

To those that read yesterday’s blog, I was not worried about the review meeting. The team and I had a great meeting … looking forward, sharpening our leadership styles, and add easing issues to help our church move forward in greater glory to God. If you’re looking for a place to get plugged in, and you’re in the Appomattox area … check us out at Evergreen Baptist. Just remember, the pastor is a bit crazy.





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