Thanksgiving comes before Christmas

A best selling author once challenged a group with the thought that when we forget to express our gratitude, a sense of entitlement will easily creep into our lives. And when that attitude gets a foothold, we become less generous (a nice way of saying we get a bit selfish). Maybe it’s not a coincidence… Continue reading Thanksgiving comes before Christmas

AA for the Win

Though an admirable organization that has helped thousands, I am not referring to what most think of when they hear 'AA'. But I am referring to administrative assistants ... or executive assistants, or the most correct term, administrative professionals. This career path is so honorable, so essential, and so under appreciated. Now, I may be… Continue reading AA for the Win

Whiners Or Winners?

Can I grumble a minute? About people who grumble? Seems a bit ironic, or counterproductive, doesn't it? So let me twist it to be something productive and less whiny sounding. I encourage us to be people who are more problem solvers and helpers. We need to realize that we are winners, ones who have overcome… Continue reading Whiners Or Winners?