He Influenced Generations

One of the most influential evangelical theologians of the last hundred years was JI Packer. Prolific writer, deep thinker, and powerful communicator ... Packer’s works changed my life. So today, I’d like to share some quotes from his works. A little knowledge of God is worth more than a great deal of knowledge about him.Disregard... Continue Reading →

This Changed Me – Forever

We are on a journey. A wonderful journey called life. And though we alone are responsible in how we handle our trek, we seldom walk alone. There are those who walk with us through certain legs of our journey. Those who try to encourage and equip us for the journey. Maybe those who push us... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving comes before Christmas

A best selling author once challenged a group with the thought that when we forget to express our gratitude, a sense of entitlement will easily creep into our lives. And when that attitude gets a foothold, we become less generous (a nice way of saying we get a bit selfish). Maybe it’s not a coincidence... Continue Reading →

AA for the Win

Though an admirable organization that has helped thousands, I am not referring to what most think of when they hear 'AA'. But I am referring to administrative assistants ... or executive assistants, or the most correct term, administrative professionals. This career path is so honorable, so essential, and so under appreciated. Now, I may be... Continue Reading →

Whiners Or Winners?

Can I grumble a minute? About people who grumble? Seems a bit ironic, or counterproductive, doesn't it? So let me twist it to be something productive and less whiny sounding. I encourage us to be people who are more problem solvers and helpers. We need to realize that we are winners, ones who have overcome... Continue Reading →

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