This Changed Me – Forever

We are on a journey. A wonderful journey called life. And though we alone are responsible in how we handle our trek, we seldom walk alone. There are those who walk with us through certain legs of our journey. Those who try to encourage and equip us for the journey. Maybe those who push us off the road too. Those who have walked before us and those who will follow. So many fellow travelers.

In this journey called life, have you ever thought about those who have really impacted you? Beyond family that is. Professors, authors, preachers, friends. The few (or many) that left a mark. For there are those you let in, those who mold you, those who invest in you. And we need to be thankful for the village that continues to mold the journey we are on, and the way we travel down the path we tred … maybe even changing our path’s direction.

I thank God for specific professors that influenced my passion, my thirst for specific fields of study, or even helped me with my style and approach to teaching/preaching/leading/discipling. I have pastors and authors that left their mark.

One such author is Henry Blackaby. HB was an influencer before there were influencers on FB, TikTok, IG, etc. He used words on a page and teaching through the mode of VHS. (For some of you, I’ll wait here why you Google what VHS is.) HB had a study called Experiencing God. This study impacted churches and individuals across the globe. His simple stick figure paradigm gave an insight to God working around us and God’s invitation for us to get involved.

The message and teachings of this study draw us to a crisis of belief that demands a life adjustment. And if I may so bold, just like Top Gun drew people into the Navy, HB’s Experiencing God was used to draw many to vocational ministry and missions.

The study as a whole, it’s scope and sequence, it’s approach and use of media changed the way discipleship was done in churches everywhere. He opened doors for great studies by Beth Moore, Claude King, Matt Chandler, Ortberg, MacDonald, Shirer, and more.

I just wanted to say thank you to Henry Blackaby and for your many works such as Experiencing God. May your tribe increase.

Maybe you need to say ‘thank you’ to someone this week. Be a blessing in return!





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