AA for the Win

Though an admirable organization that has helped thousands, I am not referring to what most think of when they hear ‘AA’. But I am referring to administrative assistants … or executive assistants, or the most correct term, administrative professionals. This career path is so honorable, so essential, and so under appreciated. Now, I may be a bit biased, for my wife is the poster child for EA/AA excellence (in spite of her choice of male companionship at home).

In most organizations, the management, the executives, the C-ring get all the attention and fanfare. But let it be known now, it is those who work behind the scenes, do the duties of the administrative professionals, and keep everything together that deserve the true accolades.

  • They keep the lines of communications at the peak of excellence.
  • They organize to be the most efficient and stress free.
  • They enhance teamwork and work to establish a dependable team and a productive work environment.
  • They manage the time of their executives and eliminate distractions to ensure the the best use of the most limited resource – time.
  • And they play by Vegas rules … what happens in the office, stays in the office. They live by high standards of discretion and confidentially.

These attributes should be ones we all inspire to have. This month (last week to be more specific), we set aside time to honor and show gratitude to those that hold this profession.

Personally, I say thanks to Jean M., who puts up with so much of my strange weirdness. She truly keeps the office professional.

And to the highest ranked EA I’ve ever known, Lisa, my eternal heartfelt appreciation.

Now, for the rest of you out there, say ‘thank you’ the those around you. And don’t just do it one day a year.







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