Hike Naked Day … really?

I think I will stay off the trails today. Apparently, it is an Appalachian Trail tradition that on the day of Summer Solstice, many will attempt getting back to … well, nature … the way you came into this world. Not specific to the AT, this tradition seems a bit extreme. And in a day of many posting their trail pics, this leaves me deciding to stay off my hiking websites today. And maybe even tomorrow.

I get that we all celebrate in our own way, but this seems a bit extreme.

We all have weird traditions … we all have weird family members … and we all are a bit weird ourselves. As I’ve said before, I put ‘fun’ in dysfunctional.

So, today, as we kick off Summer, having the longest daylight hours of any day of the year, may we enjoy the life and creation God has given us. Take advantage of the daylight and get outside some.

But please, if you’re around my neck of the country, please leave your clothes on.






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