Worship — A Lesson That Is Disgusting

Children’s Message are my jam. I rock when hanging with my little peeps. And often, the big kids (aka adults ) get more out of that 5 minute message than they do out of my regular sermon. This Sunday was no different.

A messed up cookie cup

They gathered and I showed them up front what their snack was going to be … one of those cups of cookies. They could choose … Oreos, Chip Ahoys, or Keebler’s Fudge Stripes. Me, Fudge Stripes. I love the way elves make cookies.

But, there was a twist. I used one of the cups for the lesson. I opened it up and began the total devastation of a good product. I apologize to all elves everywhere. I adorned my latex gloves and began.

I mixed up the cookies with some pretty stanky stuff . I started with a rotten banana … smushed a tad in there, even a bit of the dark, smooshy peel. I added a bit of picante sauce … for flavor and aroma. Then, I cracked a raw egg and put it in the cup, including the shell. Stirred it well. Wait, one more item. I grabbed a Kleenex and blew my nose. Yep, I boogered the bits. You may think all this is funny – but it’s snot. (LOL … they loved this Dad joke)

After a great joy of yucks, uughs, nasty … I taught them the word “disgusting”. I put the lid back on and started the point I wanted to make. The cup looked normal, but the inside was disgusting. Jesus had some tough words for people who only made the outside of the cup clean and didn’t clean the inside.

Jesus knows our hearts , and our hearts are messy. Yes, cleaning the outside is important … living for Him, dong the right things, helping each other, etc. But it is important to clean inside too … and He will help us. He cleans our hearts. He cleans us form the inside out!

After a bit more explaining, I think most of them got it. Others just wanted their cookies (but they wanted cookies that hadn’t been opened … a bit wary of what I was giving them I guess). It all went with the beatitude of the day …

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

How’s your heart? Disgusting? He is the cure and the cleaner. He has a full time job cleaning mine.

An Additional Lesson

This was told me after the service. One girl snitched and said a young boy took two cookie cups. When she told him he shouldn’t (why is it girls are better at rules than boys?), he looked at her and said Jesus needs to work twice as hard on his inside out. So, he was taking two.

If that’s how it’s done, I probably need a family size bag.


2 responses to “Worship — A Lesson That Is Disgusting”

  1. Dad4Gracie Avatar

    This is one of your most delightful…I’d even go so far to say “most delicious”…posts ever!


    1. Todd K Estes Avatar

      Thank you!? Delicious was not a word most used when they saw the nasty cookie cup. Lol
      Thank you for your words and your blog

      Liked by 1 person

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