They rise early. Five days a week they head out … tired, excited, dragging, bouncing off the walls, and everything in between. Teachers have prepared. Rooms are prepped. Fall sports have begun. Parents are exciting that there is a little quiet around the house.

School Days.

But there is something else that needs to take place … prayer. So near the beginning of the school year, homeschoolers, private, charter, public school, and eve college students gather around the flagpole and pray. Spirit prompted. Student led. Supernatural power for the whole year.

I did this eons ago when I was a youth pastor, and I was there it the Texas Youth Evangelism Conference when the leaders challenged this concept to go state wide, and then world wide. I promoted our youth group to pray the second year SYATP began … 1991. DeSoto High School … as I served at a church in the Dallas suburb. 1990 only had 10 students and led to the nationwide challenge afterwards.

This year, I will be at the Appomattox County high school praying for the young adults as they pray and ask God to bless their year.

Prayer is not to be just the one day. It needs to be done regularly.

Parents … pray over your kids. Ask God would protect, give wisdom, and that they know their value in the eyes of God. Pray that God is in the middle of their relationships.

Churches … lift up students, teachers, admin, and all involved. Get involved and show the love of God.

Students … don’t pray it will be an easy year – pray for the strength to get through it. Don’t pray lack of problems – pray for wisdom to know how to handle it. Be the best you can be, be the friend others need, and be God’s vessel of love in a world that needs love.

You don’t have any kids? Don’t know any kids? Avoid kids? I can deal with that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pray for them.

Download the App … Campus Prayer. It’s not just a one day event people.

So, See You At The Pole.

Note: pics will be added after 10am today. And they will be posted on our church’s youth FB page later as well.

The SYATP website.





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