Beth Moore, John MacArthur, and Pastor D

Oh it’s on. The red line in the theological sand has been drawn. Words are crossing the Twitter and internet battle field like bullets did at Gettysburg. Comments and responses to articles are like skirmishes between the Jets and the Sharks … and it’s still because of a boy and a girl (West Side Story if you didn’t get that reference).

I am not talking about the Prez and the Speaker of the House. Not politics but religion. I am talking in the realm of the church. Johnny Mac threw a word association bomb against women in the ministry, specifically using Beth’s name in the context. BOOM. It was not delivered with the most grace for a leader of a ministry that has grace in its name. More KAPOWS, BAM, KABLUOEY. Others joined in. Defenders of Beth responded quickly. RAT-A-TATATAT. And now … another holy war is a brew.

Not what I would call our best step towards unity in the church. Not our best day in telling the world God loves everyone.

Wait, I mentioned a Pastor D. in the title. Yep. I did. Years ago, before my marriage, this idealistic Calvinist young adult fell for a young lady that went to a non-baptist church (aghast as that sounds to some). I ventured in to an Armenian leaning congregation, and Pastor D welcomed me … with open arms and kindness. We disagreed on many things, but found we agreed on a lot more. I witnessed a congregational revival of confession and humility unlike I ever had before, and rarely have since. I saw people who loved God’s Word … many of whom served as Wycliffe translators all over the globe. It crossed denominational lines (even though it was itself a specific denomination), it crossed racial lines in an area of Dallas that was very diverse, and Pastor D was used by God as He moles me into a servant leader that cared for souls and discipleship.

I look at (or more specifically read about) the many turmoils in the church. It grieves me. I read the comments and see the responses towards each other … and I hurt.

I so truly never want to compromise truth and God’s Word. I forever want to be based on the foundation of Christ, the Solid Rock. As one who occasionally will speak from a pulpit, I want to be bold and steadfast. But I want to be a person of grace … not just in name alone. I want to be known for love and open arms.

Never compromise, but forever be known as one who brings people together .. not tearing them apart.

Today, what words are you using? Do they divide or unite? Which brings more glory to God?

You are loved.

Post blog comment: this was never written with an intent to tear any person down, nor to read intent into people’s statements. It was more a general observation of how people perceive the way we disagree publicly and privately. May we always be children with the character of our Father. When they see us, may we reflect His character, full of grace and truth.





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