It Happens Every Blessed Morning

Some people just aren’t morning people. They wrestle with the sheets, hoping to lose the battle and end up trapped in bed with no escape – an escape they don’t want anyway.

But something amazing happens every morning. The sun rises. It’s not extremely hurried – almost like it knows people are waiting, so it takes its sweet time. That can be a bit annoying in people, but with the sun – I kind of think it’s cool.

Today, I left home way before the sun came up. I had a place I wanted to be before it peaked its bright light out and turned the darkness into daylight. I made it and now I sit off Skyline Drive in the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains.

However, I can’t see that beauty nor the wonder of God’s creation. For the longest time, all I saw was darkness. And as the blazing orb of flames begins to get closer to arrival, this is when God’s artistry is shown in full force. The dark sky starts to lighten just a bit. Horizons and mountain tops can start to be seen. Then it’s even brighter where reds and oranges and scarlet intermingle in the sky, even if for just a few minutes. Trees can be made out. A few animals scurry near by, seen only as a shadow moving with two glistening eyes.

There is a saying …

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.

We long for His mercies. We thank Him that they are new every morning. And while I think this is referring to the daily freshness, the wonderful consistent nature of his mercies, and the confidence we have in Him (daily like the sunrise), there is more.

The stars are now gone. Well, drowned out by the light of the sun. The rich colors of sunrise are fading as well. And there is a single spot on the horizon that looks like a fire in the distance. It wI’ll eventually yield the first bright rays declaring day has arrived. And for another day, we look around and see His blessings and mercies and love. So let’s walk in the light as Children of the Day.

I also think we can see God’s daily renewed love and mercy – like the sunrise – in a different aspect. He uses His slow appearance with purpose – so we can appreciate God’s wonder in Himself and the way He works – steadfast and beautiful. We desire Him to pop in and fix something, to be the miracle worker that is quick and available on demand. But God often creeps up on us, shows the beauty around us little by little, keeps us patiently hanging on – but telling us to sit back and watch the show. He is marvelous and awesome.

Not a cartoon rendering that is just the sun that pops up and “boom” – night is gone. But slow, building excitement, and teaching us patience.

The sun is now up – it’s time to hit the trails. Have a blessed day in God’s love and mercy. And maybe tomorrow, get up and watch the sunrise. It’ll be worth it.

It happens every blessed morning.





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