Where’s Your Hangout?

In the third grade, I was a pain in the teacher’s … plan book. I did all my work so quick, I ended up being more of a pain than a pleasure. So to prevent me from being a distraction, she would often send me to the library for hours upon hours. My hang out was the library. It is where my love for reading took root.

In Dallas, I hung out at coffee shops like Buzz Brews. In Chesterfield, it was Panera’s. Here in my new hometown, many mornings are at Granny Bees. Wow, these are all food places. Thus explains my extra weight. Maybe it should’ve been Gold’s Gym.

Where do you hang out? Where is your favorite place to relax, chill, or just unwind? Gyms? Libraries? Horse stables? Starbucks/Baines/local coffee shop? A man cave? Maybe we shouldn’t be talking about a place . Maybe we should be talking about something else.

Get into the Word, let the Word get into you.

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples” (John 8:31, ESV).

Abide. It means to live there, to dwell there, to let ‘there’ be your home. We are to live in the Word. Everything about our life should be permeated by the Word, the Bible. The way we talk. The way we act. The way we think.

During a typical day, when do you most sense that you are abiding in Jesus’ words? When is abiding hardest? What do you need to change in your way of living to better be living in the Word?

Bottom line: Where’s your hangout?





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