Walking with a Limp

Sore feet. Worn out legs. Exhausted (somewhat). Artificial hip. Ankylosing spondylitis. There are many reasons I walk a bit weird. As one person told me, I have a little hitch in my giddy up. So I often limp.

But today, I need … yes, need … to get outside. So off to the Conner-Sweeney Trail at Appomattox NPS. And I feel the discomfort. I’m trying to do this early before the triple digit heat.

So why am sharing this? Because I believe we all need a reminder that life doesn’t always happen with perfect conditions. Yet we march on. We continue down the path even when life is less, often far less, than perfect.

Sometimes out of necessity (gotta work to pay bills), sometimes out of fear (clean the room or momma’s gonna get ya), sometimes bout of habit.

And sometimes out of love.

I missed too many years in my life not appreciating the outdoors. Too many years living in the city/burbs not taking in trees, trails, treks.

And I love it now. I believe we make time for that which we love – kids, family, wife, reading, exercise .. and … serving God.

Our church is getting together teams, volunteers and workers for the next church year. Many will say no because busy, or tired, or fear, or they feel unqualified. Could they be saying ‘no’ because they feel less than perfect? Could they think they would serve with a limp and therefore don’t even want to get on board for the tasks?

To that, I say – we all serve with a limp. We all are unqualified. We all are less than perfect. And that’s the way God uses us. In our weakness He is magnified.

So why serve? Love. Do you grasp the depth of His love? What He did for you? His love for your imperfect, broken, limping little life should make us jump up and run (limping and all) into acts of service for our Lord.

He didn’t call us to sit on our pews, thinking how imperfect your life is, or how imperfect the pastor is. He called us to serve, to do good works, and walk with Him.

And we all walk with a limp – for now. But one day, oh that one day where we limp no more, I will praise and serve all the more.

Till then, in my deepest love for Him and for what He loves (people) – I serve, and yes, I walk with a limp.

Will you walk with your limp beside me?





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