Why Does God Even Care?

Today I just want to share a quick Thursday Thought. Give me two minutes and you might just be encouraged all day long.

As I’m reading through Unshakable Hope, the author profoundly challenges the reader not just to know the promises of God, but live our life based on the promises. And based off James 5.16b, we read …

The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

James 5.16b

As a child of God, He cares for us, He listens to us, He loves us. I once heard Stephen Olford, prolific pastor and pioneer in broadcasting sermons, shared that when he shut his door in the morning, his assistant was told that no one was to disturb him. One day, (then) President Carter called him, but Olford’s assistant took a message – the do not disturb rule was serious. A few minutes later, Olford’s teenage son came into the office and walked right by the assistant and into his father’s office. The assistant just smiled and waved at him. You see, there was a greater rule in play. Olford’s boys always had access to their dad – always.

And that’s the way it is with us. We always have access to our Heavenly Father. So the quote for today is …

Your prayers matter to God because you matter to God.

I can only say, “Wow!”





2 responses to “Why Does God Even Care?”

  1. Dad4Gracie Avatar

    Really appreciated this post! I’m inspired for the whole day now!


    1. Todd K Estes Avatar

      Thank you
      God is so good

      Liked by 1 person

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