Amber Alert … #MyPhoneGetsMe – Number 5 of 5

Alert. Warning. Pay attention. Klaxons going off. Danger Will Robinson. The sound happens and it makes our hearts jump. We tune our senses to high alert and we pick up our phone to see what is trying to get our attention.

Two weeks ago, an acquaintance had their teenage daughter disappear in the middle of the night. Upon their realization of the fact in the morning, the police were involved and an Amber Alert was sent out to phones all around the area. Within an hour, the daughter was located and returned to her family. Though no foul play, the drama was real.

This week, another person, this time an adult, disappeared. His truck was found abandoned two hundred miles east of where his phone was last pinged – both opposite directions from his house. No Amber Alert (due to age) but the anxiety, the uncertainty, the fear is real. At the time of writing, he is still missing.

Now here is where my phone gets me. We need the word to spread, we need the alarm to be risen, we need each other looking out for one another. Amber Alerts, Emergency Broadcasting System, whatsoever. We need them.

In Nehemiah’s day, as they build were building the wall, enemies were at the gate. Rumors of attack were spreading. Fear and anxiety spread through out the city. So Nehemiah had them guard each other. Half carried tools and half carried weapons. And even more … they listened for the trumpet. And when the trumpet sounded, the shofar was blown, you paused your work and rallied around the area of the trumpets blast.

It might have attacking marauders, wild animals, or even zombies moving in on the city … didn’t matter. You heard the trumpet, you came running.

I pray we never need another Amber or Silver Alert. I pray no natural disaster ever hits and and no EAS is ever needed. But there are other alerts I do need to hear about … people struggling and needing help, health needs needing prayer, powerful messages of deliverance needing celebration, and more.

So let’s use our phones and get the word out. Emails, texts, Facebook notices … even phone calls (go old school) … get the word out for prayer and celebration. New baby … use carrier pigeons, I don’t care how, just spread the good word. A family in need … send up smoke symbols. Car broken down, send up a flare (figuratively, not literally).

#MyPhoneGetsMe … I want to know and share prayer and celebration concerns. And what a great technology to get those news’ alerts instantly and clearly.

So how can I pray for you? How can I celebrate with you? Send me a message. Write a comment. Let’s us know and let’s get the word out.





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