Click It … #3 of 3 … The remote is listening! Are we?

Life should come with a remote. Or should it?

One of the newest additions is voice activated remote controls. It’s not really new. I remember being the voice command remote control every time my dad or older siblings “commanded” me to get up and change the channel. Or adjust the rabbit ears. Or up the volume.

But we’ve gotten a bit lazy. First the wired remote and then the IR remote. From there it went Bluetooth and from there an app on your phone. You may lose your remotes but we all guard our phone like life depends on it. Now, we just talk into a remote or phone app. Are we too lazy to even punch the buttons?

I rarely use my voice control. Maybe I should, it would be nice to know I am heard when I speak. But Siri would probably ignore me there too, or pretend she doesn’t understand like she does when I ask her questions on my phone.

As I think of this newest trend, I think we wish we had this kind of control in our prayer lives. Oh, I get we pray with words, not punching buttons. But have you ever thought prayer is like voice activated remote control. We talk and God’s supposed to respond. “God, change this situation,” or “Jesus, help me win the Lottery.” How about, “Dear God, heal my mother.” And then we just expect to Him to provide.

Again, I get we are supposed to ask. But maybe we’ve moved from asking to telling to demanding. This is foolish. Who are we to think we can control God? Yet we try, at least I do at times.

The better response here would be for us to respond when we hear His voice. Let His words activate us to action. So, read His Word. And stop acting like you don’t understand. You’re smarter than Siri, so act like it. I know I need to.

Read it, follow it, trust it. Trust Him.





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