Start Something New

As I write this, we are on the precipice of a new year. 2020 is almost over. Very few people are going to miss it. And as we move forward, the challenges will still be there. The responsibilities are not going away. We still have bills to pay, aches in our knees, car noises from the engine, and multiple other things we wish would just pass away in the night like 2020 will.

Maybe you’re reading this at some other time, but still you have to acknowledge that tomorrow is a new day. But things often seem to stay the same. News reports are depressing, prices are rising, politicians keep arguing, people are being people.

My son texted me last week. It was how his Christmas was the same as last few ones …

Traditions are sometimes good but not always. To be clear, his Christmases are different … he got married 14 months ago. He is starting some new ways to celebrate the holidays. But sometimes, it seems things stay very much the same too.

As my brain rambles around, here is my challenge as we head into a new year or just a new day tomorrow … start something new.

Maybe it’s taking a walk in the woods occasionally. Or read more books. Or get involved in a small group Bible study. Or write a journal. Or learn a new language. Or ________________? You fill in the blank.

Start small. But be bold.

If you keep on doing the same things you’ll keep on getting the same results. So start something new. And I would love to hear what you are starting in 2020.

Years ago, a nation was in trouble. It seemed like desperate times. But one public spokesman gave an inspired word … I’m not saying we are in the same situation, but I do know God is always at work, always here, and always up to something. His silence may not always show us His ways, but do not mistake silence for absence. He is here and He is at work.

And maybe, just maybe, He is making a way through this murkiness of 2020.

I can’t wait to see what God is up to tomorrow. Journey with me.

And you … me … each of us. Start something new on the journey. Make life a greater adventure right here, right now.





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