Sacrifice Musicians Because of Silly Love Songs?

It happened at age 14. The song stuck and it’s in my head all the time. They say that ones favorite music style is set around age 14. In that year, it was Paul McCartney and Wing’s Silly Love Song. The opening lines ... You'd think that people would have enough of silly love song.… Continue reading Sacrifice Musicians Because of Silly Love Songs?

10 Years Ago to Today … Don’t Care

Yesterday, my wife and I talked some about ourselves in regards to the 10 year game. What's changed? How are we doing? Regrets? Victories? We determined our son's life has changed more than ours. And that is expected for someone in their 20s. But in the end, I just didn't really care what was different.… Continue reading 10 Years Ago to Today … Don’t Care

The Dangerous Adventure

Nearly pitch black. In the middle of the night, all was quiet and dark. Only a small, soft blue glow periodically entered from the background as the crescent moon occasionally peeked from behind the dark clouds and mist that covered the hollow of Evergreen. I could hear wild (okay, maybe domesticated) animals in the distance.… Continue reading The Dangerous Adventure

Everybody is Asking for Something

It's the end of year, of the decade. The emails are pouring in. From all over the globe. They may have different covers, but they have the same message, “We want something!” From money donations, to buying their wares. From visiting their locale, to giving up my time. They want something from me. I delete… Continue reading Everybody is Asking for Something