The Great Adventure … Life

Your alarm goes off. It’s time to start another day. It feels like you just put put your head on the pillow. Time disappeared. It’s as if the 6 hours you called last night’s sleep really was 6 minutes. You’re in the room waiting for the doctor. It seems to take forever. Time has slowed... Continue Reading →

Start Something New

As I write this, we are on the precipice of a new year. 2020 is almost over. Very few people are going to miss it. And as we move forward, the challenges will still be there. The responsibilities are not going away. We still have bills to pay, aches in our knees, car noises from... Continue Reading →

Throw Out That Food

This is not about diet. This is not about any recall. This is not even about my displeasure to see, to say the name of, and especially to eat veggies. It is about throwing bread out. Cast it out there. In the philosophical bent of the wisest man to ever live, a writer once told... Continue Reading →

I Am A Thief

Klepto - Pirate - Plunderer. I confess. I am guilty. The new coach of the Dallas Cowboys confesses in his first press conference that he lied during his interview with owner Jerry, so I want to come clean too. I take other people’s stuff all the time. I often don’t think about it. I am... Continue Reading →

The Dangerous Adventure

Nearly pitch black. In the middle of the night, all was quiet and dark. Only a small, soft blue glow periodically entered from the background as the crescent moon occasionally peeked from behind the dark clouds and mist that covered the hollow of Evergreen. I could hear wild (okay, maybe domesticated) animals in the distance.... Continue Reading →

Everybody is Asking for Something

It's the end of year, of the decade. The emails are pouring in. From all over the globe. They may have different covers, but they have the same message, “We want something!” From money donations, to buying their wares. From visiting their locale, to giving up my time. They want something from me. I delete... Continue Reading →

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