The Great Adventure … Life

Your alarm goes off. It’s time to start another day. It feels like you just put put your head on the pillow. Time disappeared. It’s as if the 6 hours you called last night’s sleep really was 6 minutes.

You’re in the room waiting for the doctor. It seems to take forever. Time has slowed down. 10 minutes seem like a lifetime.

The movie was fantastic. Action, adventure, comical moments … it made time move fast. What a great 109 minutes. Let’s watch it again

In reality, time is constant. It’s our perception, our feelings as we travel in this time we are given. So looking at 2020, it may seem like the longest year, like we would never get through it … or like it zipped by like a runaway freight train. Maybe parts of both.

Life is filled with moments that string together … moments filled with sadness and joys, with hurts and conquests, with boredom and exhilaration. Maybe your moments are like a roller coaster – up, down, great drops, upside down moments, hands up and screams heard, and hold on for dear life. Or, maybe it’s a long stroll through flowering meadows with butterflies landing on your shoulders.

Don’t waste the moments God has given you. Redeem the time. Put it to use. Less TV, more books. Less social media, more social interaction. Less worry, more bold steps of faith.

I don’t even know how to really approach this new year except to see it as part of this great adventure God has given us. More time on this great journey. And yes, it may be scary, it may be filled with the unknown, and it may be a struggle.

But also see the potential joys, the deeper relationships, the new experiences of God showing His greatness in the most unusual and unexpected ways.

Life is a great adventure. The time we have is precious. Don’t waste it.

I ended 2020 with a challenge, a final word … LOVE

Let me start 2021 with another word … LIVE.

  • Live life to the fullest. Try something new this week – food, place, experience.
  • Live with zeal and anticipation. Do something spontaneous and off the beaten path.
  • Live with gratitude for each moment God gives you, each experience you have, each person you know. Write letters to tell people how grateful you are of them.
  • Live it with others. Spend time with those around you, do not face life alone but as part of a family (blood is only one type of family.)
  • Live boldly. Take a chance on something that scares you. Trust God
  • Live the adventure God has for you.
  • Live.

In 2021 … let’s love, let’s live.

Life! What a great adventure.





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