Sneak Peak for Sunday (1/30)

Gusty Winds … Possible Snow, up to 3” in our area … Football Championship Games … and spending time with my sweet partner in life. That’s the headliners.

But the biggie this weekend, and every weekend, is spending time worshiping our Awesome God with an awesome church family. This weekend, we continue the ‘Be the Church’ series as we are in Acts 2. We see what ingredients are evident in the very first sermon of the very first church service. Peter speaks with boldness and authority and directness.

We will see eight ingredients from this particular text, but the one that stuck in my heart was …

We are filled with ADORATION of our Lord and Savior … Jesus

– His Bride, the Church

Join us this Sunday – live (hopefully) and online (definitely). Evergreen Baptist on FaceBook.






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