This Man – Such Captivating Words

This man was the type of master wordsmith to which Mark Twain’s was referring.

And when discussing the Bible … to him … it is more than a book …

Let me introduce many of you to this giant in the history of the church in America.

Born as the 5th child of poor share-croppers in a three room log cabin in South Carolina … Robert G Lee came to be one of the best pulpiteers in America. He borrowed enough money to go to Panama where he worked on the Panama Canal. There he was able to save enough money to enroll at Furman University. He continued his education even to where he completed his Ph.D. in international law at Chicago Law School.

He pastored at several churched and eventually ended his vocational work with 33 years at Bellevue in Memphis. While there over 24,000 people joined – over 7,600 for baptism!

He is a master of words, a spellbinding orator, a genius expositor and faithful shepherd.

I am reading a book, The Bible and Prayer published by Broadman in 1950. His opening chapter discusses God’s Wonder Book … and yowzah. Let me just share some of the highlights.


  • Supernatural in origin
  • Divine in authorship
  • Infallible in authority
  • Personal in application
  • Immeasurable in power
  • Inestimable in value
  • Infinite in scope
  • Identified with promotion of liberty
  • Enduring as the life of God
  • Wonderful in its translation and preservation
  • Regenerative in power
  • Abideth forever
  • Secure in guidance
  • Sanctifying in its influence
  • Like a sword, to defeat the enemy
  • Like water to cleanse
  • Like honey for delight
  • Like a seed for sowing
  • Like gold for enrichment
  • Like milk for nourishment
  • Like meat for strengthening
  • Like a hammer for breaking our obstinacy
  • Like a fire to purify

That and more in just under 5 small pages – wow.

Imagine what he did every Sunday from the pulpit.

I don’t know how you describe the Bible – but I don’t think you can get much better than this,





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