You Should Be Outside

“You Should Be Outside”

What a line. I hear it often from the voices in my head. Sometimes I answer those voices with strong affirmation – Yes I should. But there is so much to do. So very much to do.

But this time, my administrative assistant said it. She has said it every day this week. Every stinking day. It has been beautiful outside. 

I love hiking. I went last week to the Holiday Lake State Park. It was just a short jaunt around most the lake and back. But it was great. But last week was last week. This week is this week.

I should be outside.

But what do you do if you can’t? Me, here are some of my temporary brain fixes …

  • I look at pictures of previous hikes. I just remind myself that it has happened and it can happen again. (Colorado – I miss thee)
  • I read blogs, e-articles and posts on other people’s hikes. Hey, I can live a little vicariously. And sometimes I discover new places to hike.
  • I look on my All-Trail App and plan the next excursion. Today, I am looking at Harper’s Ferry, VA.
  • I plan the next biggie … I’ve got it bad of the Badlands!

Today, I can’t get outside.  But maybe tomorrow. 

What should you be doing? If you can’t do it today – maybe tomorrow. Don’t give up.

As far as the voices in my head – maybe they’ll be quiet if I watch a movie about the outside. They just put Blue Ridge on Peacock.

Today, I can’t get outside. 
But maybe tomorrow.





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