Tyranny of the Mundane


From Ho-Ho-Ho to Ho-Hum …
Have you ever felt like Christmas can be bit stagnant, a bit passe’, a bit ho-hum. We grow up and we get so bogged down with mundane little tasks that occupy our time we seem the season has lost its sparkle, its wonder, its awe.

Laundry, housework, choosing Christmas cards, making sure no one is left off our gift list, shopping for gifts in the hustle and bustle, and commuting everyone in our family to their respective destinations and back. The making a list and checking it twice seems more like a list of chores than a list of excitement.

This year, I have been separated from Lisa fro most of the season. As she wraps things up in Dallas, I know she too can be a bit bored and lonely. For a pastor, the season often gets to be one with our time being pulled away from family to make sure all the special events, the programs, the fellowships, the parties, the extra services, etc. get the attention they are due. These are important times. People who need to hear the message of hope, peace, joy, love may come only once or twice a year and I so desire the message is clear and the opportunity to connect is offered in a way that draws people to Him and the church.

This year, the solitude was made even more clear with the snow that prohibited services from meeting and from people gathering. The parsonage – though decorated and warm for the holiday – is quite and empty.  We are excited Calvin has friends and is spending time with them. We always knew most traditions around the holidays were church focused, so I am glad he is expanding that as he is expanding his circle of influence.

So, I come to challenge you with a solution …
Stop ‘doing’ stuff for a bit and just ponder the amazement and the “AWE” of what this season is all about. The very God who created everything, that spoke and seas were calmed, lame walked, and the dead rose – came as a baby on that normal mundane evening. Heaven broke through the doldrums and exploded unto our scene. The angels proclaimed it in the fields. The shepherds witnessed all this and couldn’t stop talking about it – dominating the 1st century social media (door knocking at 3am!). The wise men rejoiced exceedingly. And Mary just took it all in.

The Challenge – take time to stop and wonder – be in AWE of the greatest gift, God’s love. We find reconciliation. We find forgiveness. We find Hope, Peace, Joy. We find Christ.
And there is nothing mundane about that.

Here’s to stopping – Here’s to the AWE!
Merry Christmas






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