I Committed Musical Heresy

This past Sunday, Christmas Sunday of all days, I made an informational blunder during my children’s message. I had a gimmick that I thought would get a great point across. I had a 100 meter rope lined up and down the aisles. Then I had the kids scatter down the aisles and grab the rope. No matter where the kids were, they were connected by the rope. If they let go of the rope, they were no longer connected. The rope was representative of love. (Safety note … I had men at each corner of the aisles so the rope wouldn’t chop off people heads as the kids rounded corners)

Colossians 3 tells us to wear love, put on love … which binds everything together in perfect harmony. They got the point … and the candy afterwards … which they had to share one piece of candy with another person. Now this really confused them till the older kids figured out they could swap candy with a friend, thus still having two pieces. Smart kids.

Now, here is the moment of heresy. I held up an LP still in the original cover. Then I asked them if they knew what it was. They said something granddad has … but most were clueless. I said it was a previous century’s way to listen to music, like what we do from iTunes now. They looked confused. Now I also shared this album – one of Lisa’s from her childhood – was by the Carpenters, one of our early life favs. And on this album was a great song … which I played as they distributed their candy. The song … Love Will Keep Us Together. Such slips have been identified to me as categorized as musical heresy … tongue in cheek I hope.

I got jumbled, scrambled brains and a did a musical mishap by confusing the Carpenters’ album with Captain & Tennille. How could I? I know I put foot in mouth often, especially when Lisa is not around to prevent me from doing such acts of stupidity. But how did I even go there.

I was corrected shortly after the service. And then I realized I had grabbed the album in haste, after burning a CD from iTunes for the wonderful sound techs. I apologized in the following service and immediately ordered the correct LP off eBay. It has already arrived.

All this took place in a blink of the eye. A slip. A quick action that should’ve been fact checked … after all, I have a youth pastor to do my fact checking, don’t I? JK

What I think is more interesting is many people will catch a cultural slip such as this moment of musical heresy or a confusion of Will Ferrel with Pharrell Williams … but they miss real slips, like compromising of scripture, taking scripture out of context, or taking pastoral pondering as solid truth.

I am not calling for weekly fact checking conferences after every sermon. But I do wish God’s people would grow in knowledge and wisdom, be grounded in the Word to such extent that any compromise would cause them to return to the Word for assurance and correction (look at 2 Tim 3.16 for this). (I am talking to God’s people in general, not about the Evergreen family directly).

So, yes … I committed musical heresy … but may I ever be vigilant to never preach anything but truth. And you … may you be so grounded in the Word you can discern the difference.

Excited for 2019.

Post note: just for fun, I threw in a picture of and quote by Bob Marley just to reemphasize that love does make a difference in our lives





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