The Church Bells All Were Broken

It’s a line from the Don McLean’s classic American Pie.

… but not a word was spoken

…. the church bells all were broken

This is a great, yet tragic song. Tragic not only in the event that prompted the song, but tragic in this line. Why was there silence? Why were church bells broken, unable to ring out? Now the church doesn’t have all the answers, but it does have The Answer. If there ever was a time the church should ring out the comfort and hope we have in Christ , it is when people face eternity … this would have been the time.

So, on this Monday’s edition, I keep it simple to my fellow church peeps. We have the greatest story in the world … a story of brokenness mended, a story of bondages broken, a story of wounded healed, a story of outcasts welcomed, and a story where the Creator of everything loves us so much, He did what it took to bring us back home.

It is a love story … He loves us and He loves the people around you. Now that is a story that should make the church bells ring out loudly.

Have a great week. Ring it out!






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