My son’s fiancé … just got a wake up call

For a few days, we are being blessed by a visit from our son and his fiancé. I had met her once … we ate out at Hard 8 … a great Texas BBQ place where I always eat toooo much. I was moving from Dallas to Virginia, my son had struck up a friendship with this wonderful woman, so he wanted her to meet me before I headed out. My wife hung out in D for about 3 more months, so they got to know each other some more.

That was 9 months ago. A lot can happen in 9 months. A lot. They started to date, they changed their Facebook status, he met the parents (while her daddy held his gun), they dreamed, planned, doubted, dreamed more, and then he surprised her with an engagement proposal. She figured it was coming, but not yet. But that timing is in the past now. Rings have been bought, the date has been set, registration has begun, and so on. (This will be nothing compared to the following 9 months as they wed and start a life together as husband and wife).

They flew up to see us some. And here lies the lesson.

Over about 72 hours, she has gotten to experience the life and ways of Todd. She has seen me preach, interact, pushed to physical limitations (come back tomorrow for that entry … Old Rag Mountain: Lightning on a Ledge), and more.

I pity her for having to go through this. I really feel sorry for Lisa … she can’t go anywhere – forever. But Tiffany said, that in these few short days, she now sees where Calvin gets so much of who he is. She sees so many physical and relational mannerisms. I am not sure if she meant it as compliment or not. I will take it as such … mostly. But she got a wake up call about Calvin’s background.

As I ponder this, this is exactly what it should be for each of us. But not our earthly father, though that is not bad per se. I am talking our Heavenly Father. Wouldn’t it be great if people looked at us … wondering what makes us do the things we do, what makes us act the way we act, and what makes us be the way we are … and then they realize it is because we are like our Heavenly Father … or, more specific, the Son–where we have been transformed into the image of the Son.

What does that take …

  • Hang out with Him (you become like the people you hang with)
  • Learn what He loves, cherishes, desires for people (look through His eyes)
  • Get rid of things in your life that doesn’t honor Him.

I’m not there yet. But what I would love for my son, is that when people, specifically Tiffany, sees his ways, his actions, his mannerisms … they see he is so much like Jesus. I want the same for me, for you, for each of us. What a world that will be.





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