Hotspot … #MyPhoneGetsMe – Number 3 of 5

One is the loneliest number that I’ve ever seen. Two can be as bad as one, it’s the loneliest number next to number one.

Now that song will be in my head all day … a brain worm, so they say. Hey, that rhymed … but I am getting off topic. And my topic is #MyPhoneGetsMe.

I’m pretty heavily invested in Apple. Phones, computer, iPads, AppleTV, and TV+. And I use them quite regularly. But my iPads, the poor little mobile tablets are WiFi models. They need something for them to work to their full potential. Neither is connected to the World Wide Web like my iPhones with GPS. They need to be in a WiFi zone. They need to be connected.

So enter the great technology of mobile Hotspot. I didn’t have to buy an extra device, I have one in my iPhones. I can move a little virtual button, share my password, and allow other devices to share my data stream. So my iPad talks to my iPhone which talks to Verizon which talks to the web … Abracadabra … magic of technology.

I can use the iPad without the web … but I’m limited. I’m not getting everything out of it for which Steve Jobs designed it. By itself, it’s lonely, it’s just one. But hook it up … sync it … link it in … log it on … whatever you call it, it I can surf, download, stream, and more.


I too am lonely and incomplete when all by myself. We all need each other. We need to connect. If any lesson has arisen out of this COVID mess it’s that we need to wash our hands more … no, not that, though that is good. What I mean is … We need each other. We were created for relationships.

Oh yes, I can function on my own, but I will never get the full range of what God created me for. I need other people.

It’s not good for man to be alone. We are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves.


So the process …

  • Realize the need … we were created for more and we need each other
  • Turn the toggle to allow others to join … take a chance, open up.
  • Search for others ready to connect
  • Click the “join” prompt
  • Enjoy the fulfillment of knowing we are better together

So in the end, I sometimes need a hotspot and sometimes I am the hotspot … and it’s all about connecting with others. Try it … you’ll like it.

So my hotspot today … 1/ headed to the mountains with Matt Mc to do Sharp Top and find the plane wreckage (been too long for hike and for connecting with Matt) and 2/ Men’s Study group tonight … my weekly fix with some great guys.

Who’s on your hotspot list today?





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