Airplane Mode … #MyPhoneGetsMe – Number 4 of 5

Now for my regular readers, this may seem a bit opposite of yesterday’s wisdom nugget (Hotspot) … but stay with me, they actually work together in the world of #MyPhoneGetsMe.

I don’t travel by air a lot, I prefer to drive. Maybe it’s a control thing, an economic thing, or just a “I don’t want to be a sardine” thing. But when we fly, I do appreciate the fact we no longer have to completely unplug and turn off our devices. We can now go to airplane mode. That wonderful way our phone becomes isolated from everything around it and lives within the confines of its own little world.

Airplane mode is cool. It saves the battery. It helps us focus. It takes away distractions. Now, I know yesterday I shared about how we need each other … how the phone as a hotspot is a way #MyPhoneGetsMe … but there are times we need to pull away and refresh, retreat and recharge, spend some time alone with God and maybe just a few people without the pulls and tugs and demands from the world.

For me, it’s the mountains. Here I get by myself. I mean, Jesus did that … went off alone into the mountains to pray.. I normally don’t even have to turn on airplane mode. I try to get areas where there just isn’t any service. And it’s kind of nice. #MyPhoneGetsMe … I need the solitude. Such was yesterday.

I was on the mountain yesterday. Trekked about 6 miles, got off the trail, and spent time with nature and a friend. We went off trail to view the memorial to a 1942 Air Corp training wreck. A plane that lost altitude at night. Five lives were lost. I’ve been a few times, but this was his first endeavor down the rugged side of Sharp Top mountain.

It was as if life stopped, everything for him tuned out, and he focused on the moment. It was something we all need, living in the present – untethered, no outside demands, just right here and right now.

Airplane mode can be a way of life, and it’s a way of life I need more moments of.

But beware, we were not created to stay in airplane mode. We need it, but in portions.

So today, or at least in the next couple of days … find a moment, a place, and get into the airplane mode state of mind. You’ll think me for it.

I’m so glad #MyPhoneGetsMe.





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